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2011-12-25 12:35:28 by Dragonarios

I will not upload on newgrounds anymore, however, I will continue making music, so go to my Youtube page if you are interested. er12/videos

- Damian Fisher

(If Im bored I might upload some cool stuff but I wont make any promises :P)


Alright, I am officially back on Newgrounds :P


Yep, and now Im gone again, Im on Soundcloud this time. See ya.


2011-12-23 19:10:28 by Dragonarios

Probably will have a new release soon

yep, thats it

Good news!

2011-09-20 15:06:56 by Dragonarios

I have a new hardstlye release, I will upload it here once I have time. In the meantime, check it on my youtube channel :) 9ocI

Re-release: 5lPw


2011-09-01 05:14:54 by Dragonarios

So I kinda got over my writers block by not trying to do what I wanted. So I took a break from Trance/House and started with Hardstyle. Its kind of a rough version, mastering isnt really good. Ill upload it soon.


2011-08-30 17:58:17 by Dragonarios

Total writers block. I have no idea why, but I mess up everything as of late. This is the first time I've actually gave up. Normally I just keep trying, but I dont think it will help at the moment. Dont expect anything soon. Ill update as soon as I get some inspiration......

Uploaded new song

2011-08-20 05:26:46 by Dragonarios

Its called Supernova, check it out below!

I dunno.....

2011-08-15 14:49:28 by Dragonarios

My music production is a bit "on hold" right now. I dont know why but I cant seem to make anything good. I need some good inspiration I guess........


2011-05-19 12:03:11 by Dragonarios

Ive been doing a lot of hardstyle lately (well, sort of hardstyle anyway) but im putting my focus back on trance for a while. Its still the genre I love and as much as I want to learn from other genres, this will always be my main focus.

I have been thinking about making dubstep, but as of now I do not have the required knowlegde to do so. In other words, I will make dubstep, but not anytime soon.

- Damian


2011-04-26 16:05:32 by Dragonarios

I got my first song on youtube :)
However, i will continue to upload here too! So don't worry!

You can check it here: 75A4


2011-04-23 20:44:27 by Dragonarios

I have alot of unfinished projects, ill just have to take a look and see if anything is worthy enough to finish it. Maybe i will have a lot of songs uploaded soon^^