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missile avoider missile avoider

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I have some advice....

This isnt really fun, its boring after 10 secs. If you play this game and dont yawn after 5 minutes, u deserve a medal.
But im not here to complain, im here to help;
- The collors of missile may seem as some change or as a challenge, it isnt any of it. Try to make different enemies with their own weapon.
- Its way too simple, just press a few buttons and youll make it. Different enemies and increasingly more enemies will solve this.
- Also, when u die, u dont die. U will get a minus score, major bug. Since its like 50% of the whole game because the game is 2 parts: dodging missiles and dieing. Wich bings me to the following point.
- What u said about powerups and new missiles, please make it. It will extend the playability of the game and make it less repetitve. Some upgrades might help too.

I hope u'll think about remaking this. I did my best too help.
O, and it may not seem like it since i gave u a bad score, but respect for u for making this. I know i cant do this, i wish i could.

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